We at Venner Limousin are once again proud and humbled to offer our genetics to you at several regional shows and sales the coming weeks.

Please stop by our stalls at the Sioux Empire Livestock Show and
Black Hills Stock Show.

Or better yet, stop by the farm and preview our bulls, we have a great set of bulls for sale at private treaty. The coffee pot is always on (or can be quickly). Just give Jim a call at 712-830-8381 or Becky at 712-830-8380.

JBV Yellowstone 901G

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Lot 9 Sioux Empire Livestock Show
January 27, 2021

JBV Option 915G

COLE Cadillac 05C x JBV Radiant 724E (COLE Businessman 104B)

NPM2272831 September 1, 2019

JBV Option 915G combines calving ease with exceptional performance in a heavily muscled package. Homo polled and stout structured, he will add pounds, quality and dollars to your calf crop. Out of a no-miss cow and an exceptional cow family, his predictability is solid.

Lot 6 Sioux Empire Livestock Show
January 27, 2021

JBV Vortex 010H

Wulfs Eastern x JBV Abby 812F (Credentials)

LFM2323174 February 13, 2020

JBV Vortex 010H is an extra stout LimFlex bull with a ton of muscle and shape. Big topped, deep ribbed and big nutted, his calves will add pounds and dollars to your paycheck.

Black Hills Stock Show
February 5, 2021

JBV Resilience 914G

Lot 28 Black Hills Stock Show

HUNT Credentials 37C ET x JBV Gossip 621D (JBV Nite Watchman 402B)

NPM2272830 August 24, 2019

Herd bull alert here. JBV Resilience 914G checks all the boxes if you need a homo polled, high powered herd sire. From his solid pedigree, top performance (71 pound birthweight, 740 pound weaning weight and 1309 pound yearling weight) and exceptional EPD’s to his attractive phenotype, this guy will work. With 11 EPD’s in the top 10% including top 2 % or better for weaning weight and marbling and top 1 % for $MTI, you would drive a lot of miles to find a better package.

JBV Sensation 924G

Lot 22 Black Hills Stock Show

AHCC Earning Power 900E ET x JBV Elizabeth 404B (MRL X-Rated)

NPM2272840 September 24, 2019

It’s hard to find calving ease with big bodied bulls but JBV Sensation 924G provides just that. Starting with a 61 pound birthweight and growing to nearly a 1300 pound yearling, he is as soggy and big middled as you can make them. Homo polled, sired by the exciting Earning Power and puppy dog tame, if you are needing a bull that can cover a lot of heifers and have those heifers lay down and have babies that will have extra muscle and performance, consider this guy.

JBV Evolution 007H

Black Hills Stock Show

WZRK Excellente 1063E x JBV Girl Crush 422B

NPM2323171 January 29, 2020

Really good homozygous polled red purebreds are getting harder and harder to find. We think JBV Evolution 007H fits that bill. Solid numbered, top shelf performance and an attractive profile, this homo polled maternal brother to JBV Yellowstone promises to be a step forward in evolution.

JBV Yellowstone 901G – Maternal brother to JBV Evolution 007H

JBV Bankroll 009H

Black Hills Stock Show

CJSL Data Bank 6124D x JBV Lilly 415B (Yankee)

NPM2323173 January 30, 2020

Double homozygous with a ton of style and performance, this guy has always been a favorite of ours. Out of the high powered Data Bank and a great Yankee daughter, JBV Bankroll 009H should be able to live up to his name and improve your bankroll.

Private Treaty Bulls

We are pleased to offer such a high quality set of bulls off the farm this year. The same quality that are going to the sales, just can’t take them all somewhere. Your perusal is always welcome.

JBV Game On 921G


Credentials x JBV Symphony 305A (Bar JZ Wideload)

NPM 2272837 September 7, 2019

JBV Game On 921G is about as well built as they come, in addition to a great look, he’s negative for BW EPD, solid for growth EPD’s and top 10% for marbling. Out of a consistent producing mamma, he’s pretty much a can’t miss deal.

JBV Kodak 922G


COLE Cadillac 05C x JBV Behind The Scene 725E (SYES Backstage)

NPM2272838 September 11, 2019

JBV Kodak 922G is probably Becky’s pick of the entire set of bulls. Homo polled and very attractive, he combines a great profile with very balanced numbers and is as gentle as he can be. Out of a first calf heifer with a solid family history, he is pretty much a no-miss.

JBV Paragon 923G

AHCC Badlands 408B x JBV Faith 413B (Wulfs Xtractor X233X)

NPM2272838 September 24, 2019

JBV Paragon 923G is the power bull of the bunch with a ton of muscle and performance numbers in the top 3% of the breed. He is homozygous polled and will add pounds of muscle to your calf crop. His Xtractor mother has been one of our most consistent producers.


JBV Remington 003H

COLE Cadillac x JBV Wren 728E (JBV Finish Line 503C)

NPM2323167 January 2, 2020

When you see JBV Remington 003H you will understand why we have fallen in love with his type. Balance, muscle and style are all there. Add in solid numbers and homo polled make him a no-brainer.

JBV Pendleton 004H


AHCC Earning Power x JBV Bond Girl (JBV Nite Watchman 402B)

NXM2323168 January 18, 2020

Our Earning Power sons have really impressed us with their power, volume and growth. JBV Pendleton 004H is moderate framed and yet weaned off over 700 pounds. Super deep bodied and stout structured, he is gentle as a baby. Home polled and homo black his momma is a favorite around here.

JBV Rouse 006H

COLE Cadillac x JBV Miranda 801G

NXM2323170 January 21, 2020

Anyone who needs a heifer bull should look here as JBV Rouse 006H is about as guaranteed easy calving bull as we have ever raised. A birth EPD of -3.7 and an actual birthweight of only 54 but with a lot of vigor adds to a sure thing for heifers. Add in a calving ease pedigree makes this double polled double black a heifer’s dream.

Your visit is always welcome. Stop in for a cup of coffee and review the bulls.

We are following all COVID-19 recommendations.

We also have for sale a select set of females bred to JBV Yellowstone due to calve this spring.