We at Venner Limousin are once again proud and humbled to offer our genetics to you at several regional shows and sales the coming weeks. Please stop by our stalls at the Sioux Empire Livestock Show and Black Hills Stock Show. Or better yet, stop in the farm and preview our bulls. The coffee pot is always on (or can be quickly) Just give Jim a call at 712-830-8381 or Becky at 712-830-8380

Lot 7 Sioux Empire Farm Show
January 22, 2020

JBV Eveready 827F

SYES Backstage 466B x JBV Bond Girl 629D (JBV Nite Watchman 402B)

NPM2162062 August 29, 2018

JBV Eveready 827F is probably as close as you can get to a young calving ease sire. He checks all the boxes with a calving ease pedigree, actual 67 pound birth weight, gestation, birthweight and calving ease EPD’s all in the top 4 % of the breed and still with a 97 yearling weight EPD. Homozygous black and polled add to his value. Your heifers will love him and you can get some sleep at night with this guy.


Lot 4 Sioux Empire Farm Show
January 22, 2020

JBV Pay Raise 905G

COLE Businessman 104B x JBV Carrie 155Y (DVCL Mr. Unbelievable U03)

LFM2166808 March 21, 2019

JBV Pay Raise 905G is a very attractive young sire with a world of potential. Out of a great Mr. Unbelievable female who has produced herd bulls as potential donor females, if you like good looking animals, you’ll like this guy. Top shelf performance in a double homozygous package, he’ll not only add style, more importantly he’ll add pounds to your calf crop. He’s young but time will cure that, see us about helping you grow him


Black Hills Stock Show
February 7, 2020

Lot 28 Black Hills Stock Show

JBV Expresso 822F

JBV Solution 613D x JBV Rose Tattoo 515C (Paynes Derby)

NPM2157701 May 5, 2018

JBV Expresso 822F looks like a Limousin bull should.  Moderate framed, big nuts, homozygous polled and a ton of muscle.  Out of a great cow, he can cover a lot of cows and you’ll love his calves. Red, homo polled purebred bulls are getting more difficult to find and to have this much power in a very attractive package is only a bonus.


Lot 24 Black Hills Stock Show

JBV Heavy Duty 830F

TMCK Cash Flow 247C x JBV Angela 418B

LFF2162065 September 1, 2018

Performance plus is the best way to describe JBV Heavy Duty 830F. Growth EPD’s in the top 1% of the breed, huge ribbed and lots of muscle, if you like cattle that will grow, you’ll like this guy’s calves. Double homozygous, an actual 78 pound birthweight and a great disposition add to the user friendlyness available in this package.


JBV Cash 835F

MAGS Aviator x RMKR Doodle Bug 696D

NXM2162070 September 5, 2018

WOW! This is the only way I can describe this guy. He has always been a favorite around here and is out of the only purchased female on the Venner place, which tells you what we think of Doodle Bug (his dam). JBV Cash 835F possesses that rare combination of performance, good looks and a puppy dog disposition. He seems to be getting better every day, making his future even more exciting. Add in an 80 pound birthweight, over 1300 pound yearling weight and we think you’ll say “WOW” too.