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2018 BHSS BullsBlack Hills Stock Show and Sale Bulls.

In the heart of the western Iowa prairie, the Venner farm is home to Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle bred for growth, sound structure, heavy muscle, and easy-to-manage dispositions – the kind of cattle that mean commercial success. Our focus is producing commercial and breeder type bulls for the beef industry. We pride ourselves in the quality of animals we merchandise annually.

We strive to build strong relationships with our customers and consider your success with Venner genetics as important as ours.

Your visit is always welcome.

It’s bull sale season and as usual, we at Venner Limousin are bringing our best to town for your perusal.  We are adding several new stops on our tour this sale season and look forward to seeing established friends and meeting new ones.  We will start in Sioux Falls on January 25th at the Sioux Empire Farm Show, continue on the Black Hills Stock Show on February 2nd and finish at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classis in Kearney, Nebraska on February 22nd. We feel this set of bulls is high on quality and performance and will work for their new owners.  All three sales are online and we invite you to come to the farm any time prior to sale dates.   Since we are not selling at the Iowa Beef Expo, we invite our customers to contact us regarding free board and delivery of their new purchases. 

These sales are all available for viewing and bidding on line.  Stop in, select the bull you are interested in and bid from the comfort and privacy of your living room, or we can assist in your purchase.



Take a peek at these consignments and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim at 712-830-8381 or Becky at 712-830-8380.  See you at the sales.

We invite you to come and see Venner Limousin Bulls with this much muscle


Sioux Empire Farm Show

JBV Payroll 708E


JBV Payroll 708E

 Sioux Empire logo     Lot 10 Sioux Empire Farm Show January 25, 2018

Hunts Credentials 37C x JBV Robin 906W

January 22, 2017   LFM2124635

BW  86  WW  705

CED 7  BW 2.1  WW 75  YW 102  MK 26  TM 64

CEM 4 SC 0.64  ST 5  DOC 20  YG -0.02  CW 28  REA 0.31  MB -0.01  FT -0.04  $MTI 52.23


If you like moderate framed cattle with a ton of muscle, you will like JBV Payroll.  Homozygous polled with very balanced EPD’s, he is the prototype of what this breed can offer.  Big topped, big butted and big nutted, Payroll will add pounds and power to your calf crop.  One of the oldest Credentials sons in the US, he adds a different genetic twist.


JBV Tombstone 714E


JBV Tombstone 714E

Sioux Empire logo     Lot 12X Sioux Empire Farm Show    January 25, 2018

Hunts Credentials 37C x JBV Ditto 909W

March 21, 2017   NPM2124637

BW  86  WW  669

CED 8  BW 1.9  WW 80  YW 109  MK 23  TM 62

CEM 6 SC 0.39  ST 8  DOC 18  YG -0.11  CW 35  REA 0.50  MB 0.00  FT -0.05  $MTI 54.70

Homozygous polled and super complete, Tombstone’s future looks brighter every day.  This young Credentials son is out of a powerhouse Nobel Prize daughter and carries top shelf performance EPD’s.  An added lot to this sale, we think you’ll like him better every day.



Black Hills Stock Show

JBV Harley 617D


JBV Harley 617D

bhss-logo        Lot 35 BHSS selling Feb 2, 2018

Wulfs Warbonnet x SL Black Betty

May 21, 2016    NPM2108440

BW  84  WW  629

CED 6   BW 2.3  WW 72  YW 100  MK 37  TM 73

CEM 5 SC .10  ST 5  DOC 12  YG -0.30  CW 29  REA 0.90  MB -0.28  FT -0.05  $MTI 43.88


Power.  Muscle.  Thickness.  All words that describe Harley.  Probably the heaviest muscled bull we have ever brought to the BHSS, he does a lot of things right.  With a massive amount of muscle, he also adds a tremendous of maternal value with a milk EPD in the top 1% of the breed and a total maternal value in the top 2%.  His yearling EPD of 100 and his puppy dog gentle attitude only add to the package.  Homozygous black and polled, his family tree is sparkling as well, as his maternal grand-dam is the great Angels Centerfold and a maternal brother was a high seller out here a few years ago.  Any breeder who is serious about keeping the amount of muscle that put this breed on the map, needs to take a look here.


JBV Paragon 623D


JBV Paragon 623D

bhss-logoLot 32 BHSS selling Feb 2, 2018

WASY Bakers Man x JBV Angel Dust 314A

August 27, 2016    NXM2119301

BW  86  WW  851 YW 1278

CED 10  BW 2.0  WW 86  YW 111  MK 28  TM 71

CEM 5 SC .45  ST 6  DOC 18  YG -0.19  CW 33  REA 0.59  MB -0.10  FT -0.06  $MTI 53.51


Anyone who sells their cattle by the pound, will appreciate this guy.  Stout framed and heavy structured, Paragon has grow written all over him.  With super performance numbers, both actual and EPD wise, his calf crop will really push the scales down. Powerfully muscled from end to end, this dark red bull is as stout as they make them. Our Bakers Man calves have really performed well and this guy has led the pack.


JBV Front Page 624D


JBV Front Page 623D

bhss-logoLot 31 BHSS selling February 2, 2018

JBV Nite Watchman 402B x JBV Girl Crush 422B

August 30, 2016    NPM2119301

BW  67  WW  707 YW 1143

CED 11  BW -1.2  WW 70  YW 91  MK 26  TM 61

CEM 9 SC .59  ST 8  DOC 20  YG -0.27  CW 14  REA 0.34  MB -0.13  FT -0.04  $MTI 48.33


Every cattleman knows the most important economic trait is getting a live calf on the ground, and JBV Front Page is bred for just that in mind.  Sired by Nite Watchman, our calving ease specialist that was a top seller here a few years ago, this guy sports an actual birthweight of 67, BW EPD of -1.2 and still weaned over 700 pounds.  Add his extra rib, thickness and style and he appears to be a no risk investment.  Homo polled and super quite, Front Page will make your heifers smile.


JBV Jack 801D


JBV Jack 701D

bhss-logoLot 22 BHSS selling February 2, 2018

ROMN Tuff Enuff x JBV Celestial 512C

December 19, 2016    NPM2124631

BW  61  WW  768

CED 14  BW -2.2  WW 69  YW 93  MK 26  TM 60

CEM 11 SC .59  ST 8  DOC 19  YG -0.19  CW 21  REA 0.24  MB -0.10  FT -0.10  $MTI 48.62


I challenge you to find a calving ease bull with this much muscle and grow power.  Starting at only 61 pounds out of a 21 month old heifer (68 pounds adjusted BW), Jack grew to an adjusted weaning weight of 768.  As quiet as they come, his combination of growth, power and calving ease add up to superb economic value.  Homo polled and with style to burn, he should please the most discriminating cowman.


JBV Tickle 703D

DSC_0015 - Copy

JBV Tickle 703D

bhss-logoLot 6 BHSS selling February 2, 2018

WULFS Xcellsior x JBV Bridget 153Y

December 27, 2016    LFF2124620

BW  70  WW  592

CED 10  BW -0.6  WW 59  YW 88  MK 23  TM 52

CEM 6  ST 10  DOC 19  YG -0.25  CW 21  REA 0.59  MB 0.12  FT -0.04  $MTI 54.53


We haven’t brought a female out here for a long time so this year we decided to bring a real cow prospect, one we likely shouldn’t part with.  Out of a great dam, Tickle has a first class future ahead of her.  Balanced numerically as well as phenotypically, we invite you to invest in some of our best genetics. If you are looking for a junior project, she is as quiet as they come for your youthful showman.



Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic

JBV Sonar 709E

JBV Sonar 709E

JBV Sonar 709E

Nebraska classic  Selling February 22, 2018 at NCC

JBV Finish Line x JBV Carrie 155Y

February 16, 2017   LFM

BW  85 WW  696

CED 11  BW -1.0  WW 68  YW 90  MK 27  TM 61

CEM 8 SCR 0.75  ST 11  DOC 12  YG -0.23  CW 15  REA 0.42  MB -0.01  FT -0.02  $MTI 51.80

Sonar is our oldest son out of JBV Finish Line, the popular young sire we sold here a couple years ago and now working in the Russ Johnson herd in Minnesota.  With a negative BW EPD of -1.0 and CED value of 11, he will work for your heifers.  Homozygous black and polled and with tons of performance, Sonar should fit into many cattlemen’s plans for the future.  His dam is a proven producer as evidenced by her daughter topping the Red Revival sale this past fall going to Lura Limousin from Delavan Minnesota.


JBV Butterfly  Wings, maternal sister to JBV Sonar 709E and high selling animal on the 2017 Red Revival online sale.  Many thanks to Mark and Sharilyn Willette for their purchase.


JBV Curtain Call 710E

**JBV Curtain Call 710E

JBV Curtain Call 710E

Nebraska classic  Selling February 22, 2018 at NCC

SYES Backstage x JBV Callie 514C

February 19, 2017   NPM2124632

BW  72  WW  715

CED 16  BW -2.8  WW 62  YW 84  MK 26  TM 57

CEM 7  SCR 0.31  ST 5  DOC 19  YG -0.31  CW 9  REA 0.34  MB -0.08  FT -0.05  $MTI 48.17

Obviously no one can guarantee calving ease in an unproven sire, but JBV Curtain Call is probably as close as you can get.  A 72 pound actual birthweight, a Backstage son out of a Tuff Enuff daughter, both calving ease leaders, and genetically enhanced EPD’s  of 16 for Calving Ease Direct and -2.8 for birthweight suggest this is a slam dunk.  Add a weaning weight of over 700 pounds and enough muscle to satisfy the most discriminating cowman and perhaps this may be the next bull for your heifers.


We also have a select group of private treaty bulls available for your perusal.   All are polled, with good dispositions and packed full of muscle and performance.   Give us a call anytime