Welcome to Venner Limousin


In the heart of the western Iowa prairie, the Venner farm is home to Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle bred for growth, sound structure, heavy muscle, and easy-to-manage dispositions – the kind of cattle that mean commercial success. Our focus is producing commercial and breeder type bulls for the beef industry. We pride ourselves in the quality of animals we merchandise annually.

We strive to build strong relationships with our customers and consider your success with Venner genetics as important as ours.

Your visit is always welcome.

It’s bull sale season and as usual, we at Venner Limousin are bringing our best to town for your perusal.  Stop in at the farm or see us anytime or at our stalls at the Black Hills Stock Show,  Rapid City, South Dakota February 2nd and 3rd or at the Iowa Beef Expo in Des Moines February 13th to 15th.  We don’t think you will be disappointed.   Take a peek at these consignments and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim at 712-830-8381 or Becky at 712-830-8380.  See you at the sales.


JBV Rolex 521C

bhss-logo Lot 28 BHSS selling Feb 3, 2017

Wulfs Zane x JBV Princess Jasmine 805U

April 22, 2015   NPM2075354

BW  89  WW  670  YW 1270

CED 4  BW 3.3  WW 72  YW 101  MK 28  TM 64

CEM 3 SC -0.05  ST 17  DOC 36  YG -0.27  CW 30  REA 0.72  MB -0.09  FT -0.05  $MTI 50.55


If you like the power and muscle that has put the Limousin breed on the map and a prominent place in the beef industry, you will like this guy.  Out of our best cow family, he has the growth and muscle to add pounds and  value to your calves.  Gentle as a puppy dog only adds to the package.  A maternal brother topped this sale in 2015 selling to John, Kara and Teal of Pavillion, WY. Big topped, big butted and big nutted, Rolex will satisfy the most discriminating cattleman.

BHSS JBV Wind Talker 316A

JBV Wind Talker: High Seller at 2015 BHSS

Maternal brother to JBV Rolex 521C.




JBV Shout It Out 518C

bhss-logo        Lot 29 BHSS selling Feb 3, 2017

Wulfs Xtractor x JBV Vixen 222Z

April 20, 2015   NPM2075353

BW  88  WW  605  YW 1111

CED 5   BW 1.8  WW 76  YW 100  MK 20  TM 58

CEM 9 SC 1.02  ST 13  DOC 29  YG -0.38 CW 28  REA 0.78  MB -0.21  FT -0.07  $MTI 48.14


Homozygous polled and super complete, Shout It Out looks like a Limousin bull should.  Sired by one of the most successful red bulls in recent years, his momma is a young female from our highest revenue producing cow family.  Balanced numbers only add to his value.




JBV Durango 603D

bhss-logo        Lot 18 BHSS selling Feb 3, 2017

Wulfs Xcellsior x JBV Nexus 721T

January 6, 2016    NPM2108433

BW  83  WW  769

CED 9  BW 1.6  WW 71  YW 94  MK 26  TM 62

CEM 7 SC .35  ST 16  DOC 19  YG -0.31  CW 23  REA 0.94  MB 0.00  FT -0.03  $MTI 53.71


Predictability, predictability, predictability.  Something we all want to achieve and just what Durango offers.  His sire is one of the most heavily used sired in recent years and his dam is the picture of predictability, with 3 of her sons serving registered Limousin herds including JBV Believe It, champion and high seller at the Iowa Beef Expo.  Super long ribbed and explosively muscled with tons of performance makes this homozygous polled youngster a real herd bull candidate.


Becky and JBV Believe It, Champion bull and high seller at the Iowa Beef Expo now working for John Sedlacek, Tyndall, SD.  Maternal brother to JBV Durango 603D




JBV Jazz 526C

iowa-beef-expo-logo      Iowa Beef Expo selling Feb 15, 2017

Paynes Derby x JBV Katniss 215Z

September 7, 2015    NPM2096620

BW  101  WW  800 YW 1354  SC 38.2

CED 7  BW 2.9  WW 74  YW 107  MK 27  TM 64

CEM 4 SC .44  ST 14  DOC -2  YG -0.17  CW 33  REA 0.47  MB -0.18  FT -0.02  $MTI 47.14


Jazz is one of the stoutest framed, highest performing bulls we have ever raised here at Venner Limousin.  Powerful from one end to the other with top performance EPD’s, his pedigree is impeccable as his sire is a past Canadian National Champion and his dam goes back to Angels Centerfold, the cow who has produced so many great cattle for the Straight family.  Homo polled and homo black, Jazz is our only consignment to Des Moines.   As quiet as you can get them, if you want to add pounds, a great disposition and marketability to your calf crop, take a look here.