Lot 10 Sioux Empire Farm Show
January 25, 2019

JBV Rex 721E

High performance, marbling, and total maternal all add to the intrigue of JBV Rex 721E. Top 10 % for growth traits will ensure his calves will pack on the pounds and high marbling and muscle indicators will provide his progeny market demand. If you market you cattle by the pound, Rex will give you an economic advantage.

JBV Commander 805F

Hunts Credentials 37C x JBV Robin 906W
January 1, 2018   LFM2146006

If you like moderate framed cattle with a ton of muscle, you will like JBV Commander. Homozygous polled with very balanced EPD’s, he is the prototype of what this breed can offer. Big topped, big butted and big nutted, Payroll will add pounds and power to your calf crop. A full brother sold here last year.

Black Hills Stock Show
February 1, 2019

JBV Summit 726E

Summit looks like a Limousin bull should.  Moderate framed, big nuts and a ton of muscle.  Out of a great cow, he can cover a lot of cows and you’ll love his calves. Balanced numbers and solid performance add to the package.

JBV Silversmith 802E

Herd bull alert here. Silversmith is about as stout as you can get.  Heavy structured, big ribbed, tons of muscle, big nutted and docile as can be. Out of a great female that we unfortunately we lost this fall, he offers a fresh pedigree, top shelf performance and super phenotype, he is a no brainer if you are looking for a great red bull.

JBV Blackhawk 806F

JBV Blackhawk is getting better every day. Long spined, heavy muscled and as quite as they come, he is a grandson of the great Angels Centerfold who produced so many great ones for the Straight family. Homo polled, balanced numbers  and easy moving,  his upside is unlimited.

JBV Tomorrow 808F

Calving ease deluxe here. Birthweight of only 72 pounds and BW EPD of -2.9, his calves are almost guaranteed to come easy. His momma has been one of our top producers producing JBV Finish Line, a high seller here a couple years ago, along with 2 other herd bulls.  Add to that a world of style and lots of Limousin muscle and he should be a crowd pleaser. If you want heavy muscled calve that come easy and still have grow in them, consider JBV Tomorrow as an option.