JBV Dream Walker

JBV Dream Walker 808H | NPF1470015 | Homozygous Black | Horned | 1998-2010

Born 4-6-1998 | $MTI 43
EPDs | CED 2 BW 5.6 WW 47 YW 93 MA 18 CEM -2 SC 0.1 ST 13 DOC 20 CW 7 REA 0.34  YG -0.06 MARB -0.06
Perf | BTH 78 WNG 672 YLG 1258

Dream Walker is truly the grand matriarch of our herd. Jacqueline’s last junior show heifer, Dream Walker found a place in our donor pen the old fashioned way: she earned it. Her offspring most strongly embody the goals of our program, including impressive growth, reliable soundness, and an outstanding disposition. Her sons are consistently our highest performing, highest selling bulls, and her daughters are proving to be her greatest legacy.

Unfortunately, we lost Dream Walker in the summer of 2010 – a real personal loss as her incredible tameness truly made her a pet. Luckily, her genetics will be forever ingrained in our herd as she has left  7 daughters in production.

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