JBV Cheerleader

Born 2-08-2009 | Purebred | Heterozygous Black (T) | Homozygous Polled (T)
EPDs: CED 14 BW -1.3 WW 38 YW 72 MA 14 CEM 10 SC 1.0 DOC 27 CW 27 REA 0.71 YC 0.08 Marb 0.13 SMTI 37
Performance: BW Adj 72 Adj WW 648 Adj YW 973

If you are in need of a super brood cow prospect, here may be your answer. Cheerleader is a black, homozygous polled female with that mamma cow look. Deep sided and correct in every way, she combines top performance with calving ease and have a polled User Friendly baby in 2011.

JBV Cheerleader was Champion Female and sold at the 2011 Iowa Beef Expo.

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