JBV Cody 421B

JBV Cody

Lot 26
September 11, 2014 NPM2075332
JBV Wulfs Xtractor X233X x JBV Julia 709T
BW 74 Weaning Weight 639  Yearling Weight 1128
Ultrasound REA 17.38   Fat 0.10  IMF  1.605
EPDs: CED 8 BW 0.8 WW 64 YW 94 MA 18 CEM 6 SC 0.75  DOC 29 CW 28 REA 0.99 YG -0.39 MARB -0.27 $MTI 43.25

JBV Cody has the attributes that put this breed on the map, calving ease and tons of muscle.  Cody’s dam, JBV Julia, is a proven commodity with consistent production of quality herd bulls and his Sire, Wulfs Xtractor is a mainstay in the breed.  Homo polled and soft in his appearance, he features a 74 pound birth weight and a 17.4 REA.  His light birth weight, BW EPD and pedigree analysis suggest he would be an excellent bull for heifers


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