JBV Watch Me 505C

JBV Watch Me 505C

Lot 505C
January 17, 2015 NPM2075348Wulfs Xtractor X233X x JBV Glorie 201Y
Birth Weight 65  Weaning Weight 624

Ultrasound Data REA 15.4  Fat .32

EPDs: CED 7 BW 0.2 WW 61 YW 108 MA 25 CEM 7  SC 0.95  DOC 28 CW 34 REA 0.48 YG -0.20 MARB -0.05 $MTI 48.59

Calving ease opportunity here! A maternal brother to JBV Nite Watchman, a popular bull at BHSS in 2015 with semen currently available through LimiGene. Watch Me offers calving ease in a homo polled, moderate framed, heavy muscled package. A 65 pound actual birthweight along with a 0.2 BW EPD and a yearling EPD of 108 makes this guy a unique genetic opportunity.


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