JBV Lexicon 420B

September 6, 2014 NPM2075333
WXRK Prime Cut 8012Y x JBV Nexus 721T
Birth Weight  83 Weaning Weight  727 Yearling Weight 1350
Ultrasound Data  REA 18.68 Fat 17  IMF  1.660

EPDs: CED 4 BW 4.9 WW 71 YW 118 MA 27 CEM 5 SC -0.05 DOC 18 CW 43 REA 0.71 YG -0.27 MARB -0.19 $MTI 47.85

If you desire a bull that will add pounds and muscle to your calf crop, Lexicon may be your guy.  High performing with a ton of muscle and large testicles, he truly is a “power” bull, and all this with an 83 pound birth weight.

Prime Cut, Lexicon’s sire has become a performance leader of the breed and  JBV Nexus, his dam. is one of our most productive females with three  of her sons now working in  registered herds.

A maternal to Lexicon, JBV Believe It was Champion and high selling bull at the 2012 Iowa Beef Expo.

Becky & Believe It
Becky sweet talks JBV Believe It as Judge Roger Potter looks on in the background. Believe It was selected as Grand Champion Bull at the 2012 Iowa Beef Expo and went on to become the high seller.



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