DVCL Mr. Unbelievable

DVCL Mr Unbelievable
Born 3-7-2008 | Red | Homozygous Polled
ROMN Raising The Bar 104R x LRFF Radiance 418R (RPLF Maverick)

CE 6 BW 2.2 WW 41 YW 72 MA 20 CEM 5 SC 0.5 DOC 14 CW 3 REA .54 YG -.24 MB -.10 $MTI 40
REA 16.3  BF .18  Frame Score 6.3  REA 0.65 | Adj. BW 88 lbs  Adj. WW 727  Adj. YW 1263  Adj. SC 41.6

Venner Limousin is proud to present DVCL Mr. Unbelievable, along with partners Ray Brown Limousin, Rooney Limousin, Grassroots Limousin, and LimiGene. This son of ROMN Raising the Bar and an RPLF Maverick daughter offers balance and power with tons of growth.

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Click to see VIDEO of Mr. Unbelievable.

Semen is available through owners and distributors at $30/straw.

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