JBV Hunter 023X

Born May 8, 2010 | Homozygous Polled | Red
LimFlex 75 | DVCL Mr Unbelievable x JBV Holly 612S (Lutton)

JBV Hunter is a high-performing, big-bodied, easy-moving herd sire prospect that has made a ton of friends this past summer. We feel this long-sided, deep-quartered guy is one of the best we have ever brought to the BHSS. If a seventy-five percent LimFlex fits your program, this unique pedigreed homozygous polled Mr. Unbelievable son deserves your consideration.

Act BW 85 Adj WW 776 ADJ YW 1299 Yrlg SC 39.7 Yrlg REA 15.7

CED 6 BW 1.1 WW 49 YW 93 MA 18 CEM 5 SC 0.5 DOC 25

CW 28 REA 0.13 YG 0.12 MARB 0.10

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