JBV Believe It 025X

2012 Iowa Beef Expo Champion Limousin Bull
Born May 21, 2010 | Homozygous Polled | Black
Purebred | DVCL Mr Unbelievable x JBV Nexus 721T (JBV Next Level 503R)

JBV Believe It is a high performing, big bodied herd sire candidate that has made a ton of friends this past summer. With an abundance of top, middle and testicles, we feel that his balance and power help him look like a Limousin bull should. Out of a no-miss dam, this Mr. Unbelievable son exemplifies the quality his sire has provided us. If you are looking for your next herd sire, this black, homo polled purebred deserves your consideration.

Performance | Act BW 90  Adj WW 720  Adj YW 1187  Yrlg SC 38.9  Yrlg REA 16.2

EPDs | CED 6  BW 2.3  WW 40  YW 77  MA 18  CEM 5  SC 0.5  DOC 20 CW 12  REA 0.57  YG -0.21  MARB -0.08  $MTI 41

Reach Jim on his cell at the Expo at 712-830-8381.

Can’t make it to the sale? Watch and Bid online

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