JBV Sir Charles 313A

JBV Sir Charles 313A
March 5, 2013
NALF Registration Number: LFM2041857 | LimFlex 72%
CJSL Windfall x Sennett 010X (SAV 004 Predominant x Sennett Heather 448P)
BW 93 WW 792
CED 8 BW 2.3 WW 59 YW 108 MA 34 CEM 6 SC 0.6
DOC 19 CW 39 REA 0.17 YG 0.24 MARB 0.17 $MTI 52

This eye-catching, dark red bull offers a new pedigree for us and comes complete with top level performance and a super set of balanced EPD’s.   His momma is a massive bodied female that has that brood cow look about her, and his sire is the super producing Windfall from the Linhart program.  Sir Charles’s pedigree and individual performance along with outstanding phenotype offers great predictability to this herd sire prospect.

Sennett 010X edit
Sennett 010X, Dam of JBV Sir Charles 313A
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