JBV Easy Money 307A

JBV Easy Money 307A

February 6, 2013 NPM2034678
ROMN Tuff Enuff x JBV Genesis 110Y (Shop Talk x JBV Sacagawea 204M)
BW 70 WW 709
CED 19 BW -3.2 WW 46 YW 82 MA 19 CEM 10 SC 0.7
DOC 27 CW 25 REA 0.72 YG -0.21 MARB 0.10 $MTI 48

If you need a bull to breed heifers to, here is the closest thing to a guarantee that we have raised for several years. A pedigree and EPD’s stacked with calving ease sires and an actual 64 pound birthweight suggest that Easy Money will fit your bill.  Add a weaning weight of over 700 pounds and you can see where he got his name. With JBV Sacagawea as his maternal grand-dam, he promises to breed true.

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