JBV Expedition 205Z

JBV Expedition 204Z
JBV Expedition 204Z

January 6, 2012   NPM2035622
AHCC Worth While W595 x SL Black Betty (Shop Talk x JSTH Angels Centerfold)
BW 93 WW 729  YW 1294
CED 6 BW 2.9 WW 53 YW 100 MA 30 CEM 6 SC 0.4
DOC 21 CW 32 REA 0.76 YG -0.10 MARB -0.04 $MTI 45

If you like Limousin cattle big bodied and extra stout, you’ll like Expedition.  Big numbered and massive bodied, this homozygous polled herd sire candidate has many recognizable animals in his pedigree.  When we bought into SL Black Betty, who we think is the heaviest muscled daughter out of the great Centerfold, this is the kind of offspring we envisioned.  Expedition will add pounds and muscle to your calf crop.

SL Black Betty

SL Black Betty

Dam of JBV Expedition 205Z


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