JBV Cornerstone 219Z

Lot 16  2014 Red Carpet Sale
JBV Cornerstone 219Z:

Born May 2, 2012

NALF Registration Number: NPM2013096
DVCL Mr. Unbelievable x JBV Princess Jasmine (Pablo x JBV Dream Walker)
BW 91 WW 693 YW 1221
CED 3 BW 5.1 WW 51 YW 101 MA 17 CEM 2 SC 0.5
DOC 25 CW 8 REA 0.47 YG -0.14 MARB -0.06 $MTI 46

Our Mr. Unbelievable sons have been very popular the past few years and we feel this guy fits that category as well. Cornerstone is a stout structured, big topped, big butted coming 2 year old bull out of our highest performing cow family. He combines Limousin power and muscle with extra style. With great performance EPD’s, we feel this smooth headed, black bull will add pounds and muscle to your calf crop.


JBV Cornerstone 219Z

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