JBV Nite Watchman 402B

JBV Nite Watchman was the third high selling Limousin bull at the 2015 BHSS. Many thanks to Brian Darrington from Underwood, Iowa, for his purchase of JBV Nite Watchman for $7,750.

JBV Montana: Top 4 selling Bull at 2015 BHSS
JBV Montana: Top 4 selling Bull at 2015 BHSS

JBV Night Watchman 402B

January 11, 2014                    NXM2061038
ROMN Tuff Enuff x JBV Glorie 201Y (DVCL Mr. Unbelievable x JBV Georgio 511R)
Black, Homozygous polled
BW 64 WW 696
CED 18 BW -3.4 WW 64 YW 91 MA 20 CEM 9 SC 0.5
DOC 17 CW 18 REA 0.20 YG -0.10 MARB 0.12 $MTI 54

JBV Nite Watchman 402B

JBV Nite Watchman is probably one of the surest calving ease bulls we have raised in several years. This homozygous polled youngster has an adjusted birthweight of just 64 pounds and still grew well enough to post a 696 pound weaning weight. A birthweight EPD of -3.4 and CED of 18, places him in the top half of one percent for this very important trait. If you need a bull to breed heifers to, here is the closest thing to a guarantee that we can offer. Out of a first calf heifer, his granddam is one of our most predictable females. Big testicled and deep sided he has the look and performance of a big time herd bull and then add the calving ease dimension and you can see why we are excited to offer this guy.


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