JBV Wind Talker 316A

We are proud to announce that JBV Wind Talker was the high selling Limousin bull at the the 2015 Black Hills Stock Show. Our sincere thanks to John Stoll of Pavillion, Wyoming, for his purchase of JBV Wind Talker for $11,000.

JBV Wind Talker: High Seller at 2015 BHSS
JBV Wind Talker: High Seller at 2015 BHSS

Lot 29  JBV Wind Talker 316A


JBV Wind Talker 316A
March 25, 2013 NPM2034681
WULFS US Army General x JBV Princess Jasmine 805U (KRVN Pable x JBV Dream Walker 808H)
Black, Homozygous polled
BW 82 WW 636 YW 1207
CED 7 BW 1.3 WW 60 YW 87 MA 28 CEM 5 SC -0.3
DOC 33 CW 23 REA 0.68 YG -0.25 MARB -0.17 $MTI 43

JBV Wind Talker 316A

JBV Wind Talker has the kind of muscle that put this breed on the map. Out of a female who is a member our highest performing cow family, we feel Wind Talker will add the kind and amount of muscle that will make his progeny in high demand. Homozygous polled, and with just a 82 pound birth weight, he should be able to work in a variety of cowherds. As a prominent Limousin breeder said this summer, “He looks like a Limousin bull should”.

IOWA ST. FAIR 2014 (87)<

JBV Wind Talker 316A was successfully shown this summer and was selected Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the Iowa State Fair and Champion at the Midwest Fall Classic in Spencer, Iowa


2 responses to “JBV Wind Talker 316A”

  1. John Stoll Avatar
    John Stoll

    Thank You,Jim and Becky for bringing Wind Talker to Rapid City.He is such an awesome bull,we are looking forward to the many calves he will sire in our purebred program.

  2. Howard Huxtable Avatar
    Howard Huxtable

    Very nice looking bull, glad you come to Rapid City. please keep coming We need your kind of genetics

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