JBV It’s About Time 411B

JBV It's About Time 411B

Lot 18
IBE Logo

February 26, 2014 NPM2061040
Wulfs Excellsior x JBV Princess Jasmine 805U (KRVN Pablo x JBV Dream Walker 808H)
BW 91 WW 758
CED 6 BW 3.0 WW 75 YW 108 MA 22 CEM 4 SC -0.1
DOC 32 CW 38 REA 0.72 YG -0.15 MARB 0.09 $MTI 57

Out of a daughter of probably the best cow ever gracing the Venner pastures, JBV It’s About Time 411B epitomizes what our program has been about. Balanced numbers, attractive phenotype and plenty of muscle, we feel this guy is good enough to head up a lot of herds.


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