Fall 2014 Bred Female Sale

Fall Bred Female Private Treaty Sale

We are again offering a small, very select group of bred heifers for sale at private treaty. These are females we would like to keep here, however due to room and resource constraints, are offering to you. They are all bred to the dates and sires provided and have been handled just as though they were going to be retained here. We are big believers in breeding heifers to proven easy calving sires. You can purchase these females with confidence



JBV Fantasyland 302a

JBV Believe it 025X x JBV Princess Fantasia 007X

January 4, 2013 LimFlex 75 Double Polled Double Black

CED 3 BW 3.8 WW 53 YW 99 MA 24 CEM 2 SC 0.5 DOC 20 CW 19 REA 0.17 YG 0.12 MARB 0.10 $MTI 49

Fantasyland is one we shouldn’t let get away. Our program is built to produce fast growing, heavy muscled bulls for the beef industry and it takes females like this gal to do that. Sired by JBV Believe It, Champion and high seller at the 2012 Iowa Beef Expo and out of one of our very best cow families, we think she has “bull mama” written all over her. Growthy, big numbered and with a proven pedigree, she has the ability to have a positive impact for years to come.

Bred to Wulf’s Xerox on 3-22-2014 for an early calf.



JBV Symphony 305A

Bar JZ Wideload x JBV Princess Destiny 102Y

January 25, 2013 Purebred Homozygous Polled

CED 19 BW -3.4 WW 39 YW 72 MA 20 CEM 6 SC 0.7 DOC 11 CW 27 REA 0.37 YG 0.03 MARB 0.14 $MTI 46

One of the most eye appealing females in this set, Symphony is super complete, moderate framed and easy fleshing. if you like your cows to have muscle and volume here is one for you. We feel you can breed her many different ways and she should work, whether raising calving ease bulls (check out her BW EPD) or the showring or just raising good solid beef animals.

Bred to Wulf’s Xerox on 4-12-2014



JBV Ramona 306A

ROMN Tuff Enuff x JBV Monza 030X

January 25, 2013 Purebred Double Polled

CED 18 BW 0.6 WW 54 YW 91 MA 23 CEM 10 SC 0.8 DOC 32 CW 19 REA 0.54 YG -0.13 MARB 0.01 $MTI 47

Another heifer that looks to be a great bull producer. Ramona has a balanced set of numbers and was the highest performing purebred female we raised that spring. The Tuff Enuff daughters have done a great job for us and the bottom side of her pedigree goes back to JBV Sacagawea 204M, one of the true matriachs of our herd. Can’t miss prospect here.

Bred to Wulf’s Bar JZ Wideload 5-6-2014



JB Savannah 315A

CHTT Work Time x JBV Robin 906W

March 10, 2013 LimFlex 75 Homozygous Polled

CED 11 BW 1.1 WW 30 YW 68 MA 23 CEM 4 SC 0.6 DOC 9 CW 17 REA -0.08 YG 0.14 MARB 0.30 $MTI 49

Savannah is an attractive, moderate framed female that is really easy to look at. Going back to the great Angel’s Centerfold on the bottom side of her pedigree, she combines great eye appeal with calving ease and a high marbling EPD to have real value in today’s world. Another one we wouldn’t mind keeping, but not enough room for any more.

Bred to ROMN Tuff Enuff on 6-8-2014



JBV Pocahontas 322A

HC Final Time x JBV Sacagawea 204M

May 2, 2013 Purebred Polled

CED 5 BW 3.4 WW 36 YW 73 MA 19 CEM 5 SC 0.9 DOC 28 CW 27 REA 0.90 YG -0.23 MARB -0.10 $MTI 41

A daughter of JBV Sacagawea 204M, this lady looks to be a solid performer in the pasture. The youngest heifer in the offering and a twin to boot, Pocahontas is solid in her performance, phenotype and numbers.

Bred to JBV Wind Talker on 6-29-2014


Feel free to call anytime on these heifers. 712-673-4491 or Jim’s cell 712-830-8381.


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