JBV Captain Lewis

Born 2-23-2010 | Purebred | Black | Double Polled
EPDs: CED 6 BW 2.3 WW 44 YW 84 MA 14 CEM 4 SC 0.3 DOC 27 CW 14 REA 0.80 YG -0.18 Marb -0.16 $MTI 39
Performance: BW Adj 86 Adj. WW 666 Adj. YW NA

Moderate framed, big nutted and huge topped best describe the Captain. His momma has been a super producer and this natural calf depicts just what she has been doing for us. If you are looking for the amount of muscle that Limousin are noted for, take a look at this guy.

JBV Captain Lewis sold at the 2011 Iowa Beef Expo.

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