JBV Dylan 015X

Born April 4, 2010 | Double Polled | Red
Purebred | RUNL Travis x JBV Kara 401P (MAGS Kaboom)

JBV Dylan is a long sided, extremely heavy muscled bull that looks like a Limousin bull should. This guy scanned a ribeye area of 17.4 sq. in. at a year of age with only .17 inches of fat, attesting to the amount of muscle he carries and has a REA EPD in the top 5% of the breed. His dam, JBV Kara 401P is from one of our most productive cow families and her progeny include a high selling female at year’s Iowa Beef Expo. His sire, RUNL Travis, is a calving ease bull and has done a tremendous job for Vorthmann Limousin. If you want to add muscle to your calf crop, consider JBV Dylan. For additional information, contact us at 712-673-4491 or 712-830-8381.

Performance | Act BW 91 Adj WW 644 ADJ YW 1199 Yrlg SC 33.8 Yrlg REA 17.4

EPDs | CED 11 BW 1.3 WW 46 YW 87 MA 13 CEM 8 SC 0.2
| CW 34 REA 0.87 YG -0.25 MARB -0.20 $MTI 39

Sold by Private Treaty

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