JBV Lombardi

Born 2/22/09 | Red |87% | Homozygous Polled
EPDs: CED 11 BW 1.4 WW 54 YW 86 MA 23 CEM 2 SC 0.0 ST NA DOC 13 CW 39 REA 0.66 YG -0.04 MARB 0.02
Performance: Actual BW 97 (first calf heifer) Adj BW 104 Adj WW 759 Adj YW 1261 Adj Scrotal 35.8

What better place to take a bull named ‘Lombardi’ than the Wisconsin State Sale? Here is a homozygous polled, stout, muscular two-year-old that can cover a lot of cows. Out of OKLF Linebacker and a daughter of Wulf’s Nobel Prize, he has a ton of performance and very balanced numbers.

JBV Lombardi sold at the Limousin Association of Wisconsin 21st Annual State Sale in March 2011.

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