JBV Northland 104Y

Born January 20, 2011 | Double Polled | Double Black
Purebred |KAJO Responder 120R x JBV Buttercup 505R (Rulon)

JBV Northland 104Y is a double black, double polled young sire prospect out of a no-miss cow. Sired by KAJO Responder, one of the real power bulls of the breed, he has 4 brothers working in various herds around the Midwest attesting to the predictability of his dam. Deep-sided, long-spined, and with big testicles, he brings the power of pedigree as well top shelf individual performance. Northland is semen tested and ready to go. For additional information, contact us at 712-673-4491 or 712-830-8381.

Performance | Act BW 89 Adj WW 654 ADJ YW 1176 Yrlg SC 35.7 Yrlg CED 9

EPDs | BW 1.3 WW 48 YW 92 MA 15 CEM 3 SC 0.8 CW 28 REA 0.30 YG 0.16 MARB 0.08

Sold by Private Treaty

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