JBV Right On Time

JBV Right On Time

Born 1-28-2010 | Purebred | Black
BW 5.5 WW 49 YW 90 Milk 21 SC 0.8 REA 0.50 BW 92 CA none Adj WW 797 Adj YW NA
Adjusted Fat .19 | Adjusted REA 19.46 ratio 112.1 | Adjusted IMF 2.67 ratio 117.8

JBV Right On Time combines our most consistent cow family with Final Time, and the result looks great. He has the trifecta of being homozygous black, the polled gene, and the F94L “muscle” gene. A January 31, 2011, ultrasound indicated a rib eye area of an impressive 19.46 inches. Add this to top-shelf performance, this combination of style and growth adds up to a real herd bull candidate with a puppy dog disposition.

JBV Right On Time was a Top 5 Selling Limousin Bull at the 2011 Black Hills Stock Show.

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