Fall 2016 Heifer Sale


Venner Limousin is proudly offering a very select set of bred heifers for sale this fall.  These are from the top end of our cowherd, and were intended to go back into our herd, but room and resources requires their sale.  Two of these will be offered on the Red Revival Online sale to be held November 3rd with the balance to be sold off the farm privately.

Heifers are listed and pictured below along with videos of each.  Feel free to call anytime and we can discuss how we can assist you in acquiring Venner genetics.

JBV Kiss The Sun 513C

BD March 10, 2015      Bred to SYES Backstage on June 4, 2016. Due March 14, 2017

Homozygous Polled Purebred   NPM2075340

  Tuff Enuff x JBV Savannah 315A (Work Time)

EPD’s  BW -2.7   WW  51  YW  69  MK  28  TM  53

BW 76     205 Adj  601     365 Adj  938

JBV Kiss The Sun 513C is one of our featured females to be offered.  Selling in the Red Revival II sale on November 3rd, she is a tough one to leave go.  Sired by the calving ease king, ROMN Tuff Enuff and out of a  great young  Work Time daughter who goes back to the great Angels Centerfold, Kiss The Sun offers exceptional calving ease along with an outstanding look and could be the dam of your next calving ease bull.  Homozygous polled and a super temperament only adds to her value.

You can access the sale at http://www.MCMarketingManagement.com  with bidding from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. on Thursday November 3rd.  You can see her at the farm anytime.



 JBV Shiny Object 520C

BD April 21, 2015       Bred to JBV Nite Watchman on April 6, 2016. Due January 14, 2017

Homozygous Polled Purebred   NPM2075344

Wulfs Xistance x JBV Ditto 909W (Nobel Prize)

EPD’s  BW 1.6   WW  63  YW  91  MK  18  TM  49

BW 84    205 Adj  597     365 Adj  922

We certainly think that JBV Shiny Object 520C has that momma cow look about her.  Moderate framed and well balanced, with a great disposition, she combines phenotype and a great pedigree into a very pleasing package.  Bred to our own JBV Nite Watchman, a top 5  seller at the Black Hills Stock Show with a -4.5 BW EPD,  her calf should have what it takes. We are big believers in propagating productive cow families and only our desire to showcase our best in this sale allows us to part with this dark red, homo polled darling.  Her dam is a deep bodied Nobel Prize daughter that has never missed. We are offering Shiny Object in the Red Revival II sale on November 3rd and believe that  her progeny will  work on the tanbark as well as in the pasture.

You can access the sale at http://www.MCMarketingManagement.com  with bidding from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. on Thursday November 3rd.  You can see her at the farm anytime.



 JBV Callie 514C

BD March  12, 2015      Bred to SYES Backstage on May 15, 2016 Due February 22, 2017

Polled Purebred   NPM2075341

Tuff Enuff x JBV Kelsey 320A (JBV Believe It)

EPD’s  BW -2.1   WW  58  YW  81  MK  24  TM  53

BW 71    205 Adj  561     365 Adj  907

Our Tuff Enuff daughters have made great cows and we expect nothing less for Callie.  All the females on the bottom side of her pedigree have been consistent producers of high quality bulls and productive females. Many of the extra stout bulls we have been selling at the Black Hills Stock Show and Iowa Beef Expo have come from this cow family. Another low birth weight female, she will pass on the qualities the Limousin breed is known for, calving ease and muscle.  Extra sound, watch her video to see how she moves across the pasture.  She’ll be around a long time.

JBV Callie 514C is offered privately right off the farm.  All these heifers were kept with the intention of going back into our herd but there just isn’t enough room here, giving you the opportunity to grab some of our most proven genetics.  Just give Jim or Becky a call.



 JBV Absolute Music 502C

BD January 2, 2015      Bred to JBV Nite Watchman on May 16, 2016 Due February 23, 2017

Homozygous Polled LimFlex75   LFF2075335

Paynes Derby x JBV Giorgio 511R (Badlands Mr Beef)

EPD’s  BW 0.0   WW  63  YW  97  MK  22  TM  54

BW 72    205 Adj  559     365 Adj  879

If you like your Limousin cattle to look like what the breed is noted for, take a look at Absolute Music.  Easy fleshing, extra rib and a massive amount of muscle and yet in a smoothly made package, this girl looks like a bull producer to me. Her dam has been another can’t miss female and this gal really needs to stay here, but we are offering her to you. A maternal sister has produced 2 top 5 selling bulls at BHSS the last 2 years.  Balanced numbers, she is the oldest Derby daughter in the NALF herdbook.  Derby was Canadian National Champion a few years ago and we are loving his progeny here.  She should be the perfect match with Nite watchman and your calf will be homozygous polled.

Give us a call on Absolute Music, she is available off the farm and if you want to take a look at her in person, you won’t be disappointed.



JBV Sweetheart 522C

BD April 26, 2015        AI to JBV Nite Watchman on June 6, 2016

PE to JBV Shout It Out June 10 to July 22, 2016  Observed bred June 28, safe Due April 7, 2017

Homozygous Polled LimFlex75   LFF2075345

CHTT Work Time x JBV Ginnie 156Y (Mr Unbelievable)

EPD’s  BW 2.4   WW  61  YW  82  MK  29  TM  59

BW 86    205 Adj  644     365 Adj  985

Sweetheart is a high performing female in a moderate framed package.  Her momma has as much milk as any female in our herd and we expect 522C to follow in those footsteps. The top female in her contemporary group,  her future is very bright. The Work Time females are noted for having a lot of milk and with milk on both sides of Sweetheart’s pedigree, she’ll bring in a big calf every year.

JBV Sweetheart  is available off the farm , just give us a call.



JBV Opera Singer 508C

BD February 12, 2015      Bred to JBV Nite Watchman on April 11, 2016 Due January 19, 2017

 Polled Purebred   NPF2075338

DVFC Arrowhead x JBV Symphony 305A (Bar JZ Wideload)

EPD’s  BW -0.7   WW  51  YW  67  MK  22  TM  48

BW 82    205 Adj  550     365 Adj  925

Likely one of the last Arrowhead daughters to ever be available, we wish we had more of them.  Our Arrowheads have all been super, functional cows that have a ton of muscle.  Opera Singer scanned our biggest ribeye at 15.57 and if you want to drag her progeny into the showring, she is as sweet fronted as anything on the farm.  Out of a first calf heifer, she has bred in calving ease and bred for an early calf.

Opera Singer is ready to come to your calving barn.

These young bred females represent the best of our bloodlines, and we have the utmost confidence in each and every one of them.    The dams of all these heifers have JBVF tattooed in their ear and many are 6 or 7 generations of Venner breeding so we know what they are and have confidence in the genetics. Only because we can manage a limited number of females here, we are offering these to you.  Give Jim a call at 712-830-8381, Becky at 712-830-8380 or call the office at 712-673-4491.  We welcome the conversation and if you want to come and see the heifers, the coffee pot is always on.






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